Reuben has over a decade experience in journalism, with expertise in curation, calendar management, content creation, content strategy and branded content. He’s a pragmatist with solid instincts for stories, a healthy skepticism that remains flexible and impeccable taste.


Every editor Reuben has worked under will attest that he hits deadlines. He does his research and has a knack for picking timely angles that tap into the zeitgeist. He loves interviewing people, and has a compassionate style that honors his subjects. He specializes in lifestyle journalism, with an emphasis on Los Angeles, health, travel, men's style, food and drink and environmental issues.


The best stories are character-driven. Reuben sees brands like characters. He uses a style of archetyping to hone a brand’s voice so it’s character-driven. He uses this to write concise copy that generates action. Past clients include Two Bit Circus, Onekind, Oliver’s Apparel, and Inventery.


In 2018, Reuben wrote Endangered, a gritty, modern western set in the world of poaching in South Africa. It was optioned by Mannequin Pictures, and he is currently developing it with them. He is available for treatment writing, rewrites and development.